Rodent deterrent with constantly changing ultrasonic distress frequencies

Ratsonic electronic rodent deterrent

  • Creates an environment which rodents are not able to tolerate.
  • Protects your cash margins.
  • Protects from health hazards.
  • 64 random combinations of pulsating ultrasonic sound which simulate distress and aggression calls of rodents.
  • Typical applications of RatsonicDesigned for maximum effectiveness by channelling sound along the edge of perimeter walls where rodents run.
  • Simple to operate – just connect to power supply and position the speakers.
  • Master unit with three built-in speakers can be supplemented with up to 10 optional slave units each fitted with one or three speakers.No maintenance or service costs.
  • No potentially hazardous traps, poisons or chemicals.
  • Around-the-clock protection.