Airports, Utilities & Industrial applications

Our electronic audible and ultrasonic bird deterrents and our visual wind powered deterrents have many industrial applications including protecting airport runways against bird strikes with the Wailer and the mobile Runwayler, and also protecting aircraft hangars with the Birdbuzzer.

They are also widely used in factories and warehousing and distribution depots for protecting roofs against pigeons and seagulls with the Wailer and the roof mounted wind powered Flashing Hawkeye, or around loading bays with the Birdbuzzer or Midi Wailer.

These are also used around public buildings (for example Smithfield and Spitalfields Markets in London) and the Birdbuzzer is ideal for deterring birds from churches with speakers up on the roof yet with the control unit at ground level.
Other industrial applications for our products include:

  • Waste recycling and landfill sites.
  • Oil and gas industry both in the Middle East and on North Sea oil rigs.
  • Construction companies who are seeking to comply with planning requirements to deter birds from nesting before commencing construction of roads, pipelines and buildings.

Our electronic deterrents have been widely used by electricity and telecommunications companies for protecting their power pylons and transmission towers. Also by police forces and ambulance centres on their communications equipment.

Many water companies use both the electronic deterrents and Flashing Hawkeye at their locations.