Bird and Rodent Scarers

Scaringbirds.com are the leading designers and manufacturers of 'state of the art' bird and rodent deterrent devices.

Our products include electronic ultrasonic and audible bird deterrents, wind powered visual birdscarers, scarecrows and ultrasonic rodent deterrents deterring a wide range of birds, rats, mice and other pests including deer and foxes.

Our products are sold throughout the world for use at airports, in public spaces, on industrial sites, at distribution and retail centres, in agriculture and fish farming and for domestic use.

The full range of our Electronic deterrents and Wind powered visual scarers can be seen by clicking on the menu bar above or from the individual product links below. Each product's detailed descriptions and specifications together with images and videos can be found on these pages and their effective use is explained on the Applications page.

For more information or to place an order please use our e-form on the Contact page or if you prefer call us now on the number below.

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